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$25 off First Time Patient Special 

Dive into a transformative journey with this exclusive first-time special. First patient visits normally cost $50 for a chiropractic evaluation or $75 for nutrition and weight loss consultations. For a fraction of that cost, you can embark on a personalized healthcare experience like no other. Dr. Ramirez will provide an in-depth consultation, thoroughly understanding your unique needs and concerns. Afterward, he will guide you through the most suitable treatment options, ensuring you’re well-informed and confident about the next steps. It’s more than just a visit; it’s the beginning of a renewed, pain-free life. Seize this unbeatable offer and discover the best version of yourself with our expert care!

About Dunamis

Unlock a Healthier You

At Dunamis Family Health, we passionately believe in the innate healing power embedded within every individual. Our holistic approach intertwines chiropractic care, balanced nutrition, personalized exercise routines, and thorough detoxification, aiming to activate this inborn regenerative potential. We strive to harmonize your body’s natural rhythms, empowering you to experience optimal health and well-being through natural healthcare solutions that tap into your genetic code’s resilience and vitality.



Chiropractic Care

Our spines are not just bony structures; they’re the core of our nervous system, affecting every facet of our health. Misalignments can obstruct the body’s natural communication pathways. Through expert chiropractic care, we aim to restore this natural order, enabling your body to function optimally, heal from injuries, and maintain overall well-being.



Physical movement is essential for both our physical and mental health. Regular exercise strengthens the body, enhances flexibility, and supports the self-regenerative abilities present within. We offer guidance and programs tailored to individual needs, ensuring that exercise aids your healing journey without causing strain or injury.


Weight Loss

Food is the fuel that powers our bodies. We emphasize the importance of nutrition in supporting the body’s innate healing process. By understanding and respecting the body’s nutritional needs, we can aid the natural healing processes, boost energy levels, and promote longevity.




In a world full of pollutants, chemicals, and unnatural additives, detoxification has become more critical than ever. Our bodies accumulate toxins, which can hamper our natural healing abilities. We provide detoxification guidance, ensuring that your body gets the fresh start it needs to operate at its best.


Happy Customers

We r very happy with our visits to Dunamis Family Health. So grateful for his knowledge, kindness, and guidance for our needs this past year. Thank u dr!! -David and Kell
Kell Grace
August 13, 2023
Dr. Joe Ramirez, D.C., at Dunamis Family Health, was recommended to me by another Chiropractor who I have long worked with and have had a deep trust in for decades - Dr. Dan Yachter, D.C. Originally, I asked Dr. Dan to refer someone for my father, who was struggling with some health concerns that I knew a good, wellness-based Chiropractor could help with. Dr. Joe didn't disappoint. His passion for wellness-based Chiropractic Care, along with his welcoming and kind bedside manner, personalized approach to adjustments, and the budget-friendly care plans he offers, was exactly what my dad needed to make committing to consistent, long-term care, a no-brainer; and he got immediate results. In fact, because my dad was (and continues) benefitting so much and is so happy with his care, and because Dr. Joe's office is in such close proximity to where we had just moved, I decided to visit Dr. Joe's office with my wife and kids for our own family care. We are a "Chiropractic family," meaning it's been our primary form of healthcare for more than 20 years. Throughout the years, constantly traveling all over the U.S.A., we have been blessed to receive Chiropractic care from some of the best. Dr. Joe gets my family's highest recommendation. My wife (who has severe scoliosis) and our two boys, 9 and 15 at the time of this review, absolutely love him! If you and your family are looking for a great Chiropractor to help you get on or stay on the wellness path, then give Dr. Joe a visit. You'll be happy that you did.
Jason S. Moore
July 21, 2023
Dr. Joe is always available when you need him and does a very professional job. His fees are very reasonable and I would highly recommend consistent chiropractic care through him.
Deb Prock
July 21, 2023
Dr. Joe is amazing and has helped me and my family so much over the years. He really cares about his patients and is very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Dr. Joe if you are looking for a chiropractor who will help you feel better and get to the root of the problem.
Kara M
July 20, 2023
I had a fall and injured my back that caused my right leg to go numb and was going to a physical therapists that seemed to hurt me more. I started going to Dr. Joe at Dunamis Family Health 3 times per week at first and in a few weeks I was feeling great! I highly recommend them to anyone! Thanks Dr. Joe!
Steven Moore
July 20, 2023
Dr Joe fixed the pinched nerve in my neck that had me in so much pain. Now I have more flexibility and feel great!
Doug Shotts
July 20, 2023
Doctor Joe is committed to helping his patients. He is insightful with his ability to find cause and effect by taking into consideration his findings in tandem with his patients descriptions. I’ve been his patient for 5-years. During this time his treatments have vastly improved my flexibility and mobility and all but eliminated pain from spinal injuries. You’d be hard pressed to find better chiropractic care than provided by Dr.Joe.
M Bernath
July 20, 2023
We have loved seeing Dr Joe! He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to answer questions and really teach you about what is going on. We have 3 young children that he has adjusted and they love him. He made them feel very comfortable there and he is so funny and good with kids!
Jessie Triest
July 19, 2023
Dr Joe has helped me tremendously. So grateful to him!
Suzanne Kelly
July 19, 2023
Great place to get an adjustment and advice on good health. Dr Joe is a wonderful person and a excellent doctor! I have been seeing him for about 5+ years. Chiropractic care is a huge part of my overall health maintenance! Dr Joe is the absolute best!
Becky Wilson
July 19, 2023


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